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Homes for Sale

in Bloomington, Indiana

Homes for Sale

in Bloomington, Indiana

The path to your new front door.

You may be looking for your first home…

an alternative to renting while you complete your degree…

Maybe you’re upsizing, downsizing or investing.

Whatever the case, we have deep experience to draw from and can guide you through what can be an emotional journey. We’ll work hard to ensure that the path to your new front door is as painless as possible.


We know Bloomington and the surrounding areas. We know it’s neighborhoods, schools, parks, and cultural, entertainment, and business centers. We track the market, and have a good sense for value, what’s hot, and why homes don’t sell.

We’ll help you find the right home; negotiate the right price – even in a multiple offer situation – and, most importantly, we’ll scrutinize the home’s inspection report with you. We’ll give you our honest judgment – whether you should ask for repairs, accept as is, or walk away.

Want to learn more?

The Home Buying Process.

Browse our homebuyer’s brochure. It explains important real estate terms, outlines differences among various home loans, and includes a checklist to help prioritize the features you’re looking for in a new home.

Sell a Home

in Bloomington, Indiana

We do our homework.

All sellers want top dollar for their home — that’s obvious. But pricing a home is serious business; part art and part science. It involves comparing similar properties, making adjustments for differences, tracking market movements and taking stock of present inventory, all in an attempt to come up with a range of value.

Sterling Real Estate will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis to help you understand the dynamics that may impact the marketability of your home. It enables you to compare your home to others, contrasting such features as location, architectural style, square footage, condition of the home, etc.

We’ll do a walkthrough of your home; take measurements; discuss the improvements you’ve made; and professionally photograph your home. Then we’ll be prepared to suggest a price range to market your home, as well as the cost associated with selling your home.

The Selling Process.

Browse our seller’s brochure to learn the significant advantages a REALTOR® brings to the table, how Sterling Real Estate will market your home, and answers to common questions.